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Tony Robbins - American Motivational Speaker

Born: 29 February 1960 California, US

Spouse : Sage Robbins

Occupation : Author, motivational speaker

Partner : Liz Acosta (

Children : 4, including Jairek Robbins

Book : MONEY Master the Game, Unlimited Power, Awaken The Giant Within

Tony Robbins was born on February the 29th 1960 in Los Angeles. his life at home when he was young was described by him as abusive and chaotic. it was because of this that he left home at the age of 17 originally when starting out in the world of motivational speaking Robbins was promoting seminars for chimera he later decided to begin his own journey hosting. his own seminars Tony has affected and changed so many people's lives in a positive way through his seminars motivational speeches inspirational quotes and best-selling books, search for him on YouTube and several videos will pop up showing him change someone's life the favorites of mine. that I've watched are where he cures a young man's stutter in seven minutes and saves another guy's marriage in eight one reason so few of us. what we truly want is that we never direct our focus we never concentrate our power most people dabble their way through life never deciding to master anything in particular.Tony Robbins is the best motivational speaker.

Best of Top Tony Robbins Books

1 : Money Master the Game : 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom By Tony Robbins
Eric Thomas
Tony Robbins Books - Product details

Format: Kindle Edition

Paperback : 688 pages

Publisher : Simon & Schuster; Export edition

Language :English

ASIN : 1471148610


Money Master will be a great help to sports investors. Tony Robbins dropped my office for a forty-minute appointment that lasted four hours. This was the most provocative, prospective interview of my long career, a response shared, I'm sure, by other spirits with strong investment values ​​and sharp financial minds who populate this fine book. This book will tell you and reinforce your understanding of how to master the game of money and in the long run, earn you financial freedom. ”(John C. Bogle, Founder, Vanguard Group and Vanguard Index Fund)

In this book, Tony Robbins brings his ingenious talents to the complex as he distributes the concepts of the world's best investors into practical lessons that will benefit both naive investors and skilled professionals. "(Ray Dalio, Founder and Co-Chief Investment) Officer, Bridgewater Associates). This is a great book and I have found a great admiration for Tony Robbins. It's pretty clear from reading his book and watching his interview that he really cares about helping other people through knowledge and money.

Tony Robbins is cashing out on his brand. This book has no value for people looking to become rich. It’s a promotional marketing campaign for his investment companies. It is only good for the middle class fixed salary people who don’t have the courage or knowledge to start their own business and want to park a part of their salary in Tony Robins finance firm.
2 : Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook
Eric Thomas
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Format: Kindle Edition

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Print Length : 257 pages

Publisher : Simon & Schuster; Reprint edition

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Language : English


After an interview with the world's fifty biggest financial minds and the # 1 New York Times Bestseller Money: Master Game, Tony Robbins returns with a step-by-step playbook to help you change your financial life and speed up your path. Takes you on a journey. For financial independence. No matter your salary, your stage of life, or when you started, this book will provide you with the tools to help you achieve your financial goals more than you ever thought possible.
Robbins, who has coached over fifty million people from 100 countries, is the world's # 1 life and business strategist. In this book, he works closely with Peter Mallouk, the only man in history to have been ranked by Barone as the # 1 financial advisor in America for three consecutive years. Together it shows how unstable they can be - someone who can not only maintain true peace of mind in a world of boundless uncertainty, economic instability and unprecedented change, but who can benefit from this fear Does a lot.
The book mainly talks about investing in index funds as actively managed mutual funds charge high fees. However, in the context of India, many investment gurus suggest that actively managed mutual funds are better than index funds as the historical data shows that the former gives higher net returns (after deduction of fees and other charges, if any) than index funds. To me it is a mini version of the book - Money Master the Game with some useful additions. I love the book as it makes me a wiser investor. Highly recommend this book to all those who want to achieve financial freedom.

Speaches of Tony Robbins

I CAN, I WILL, I MUST! | Tony Robbins & Les Brown
we are not made to survive we're made to thrive human beings our spirit our capacity to adapt our ability to grow our do they learn with lightning like speed our ability to find a way to serve others that calling inside of us that we have as a parent or as a friend or someone who truly cares when we put our fear aside because there's something.

we want to serve greater than ourselves we all have that ability to find that passion in our life a lot of people start out with a new year and it becomes a trigger for you know the possibility of a new life but that disappears after a few disappointments after coming up with a few New Year's resolutions that within a week or two they've already broken I'm gonna talk to you about just the simple core of what you and I are made for we are not made to survive. we're not made to manage our pain or get through it we're made to be creators of our lives we can create anything anything we can dream about we can create and I know that sounds like positive thinking just BS but in your soul there been times in your life I know when you've had something that you wanted so much maybe you wanted something for someone you care about maybe you want something for yourself but you became so obsessed with something achieving and experiencing.

it whether it was a transformation you know in yourself a change in your business somewhere in your life you gotten obsessed enough to really want to create something that mean you're not even known how you were gonna do it but you just wanted it desired it that you started all of a sudden taking action and you got insights and before you knew it what used to be just this impossible dream became a reality is it fair to say that some stage in your life that there are some things today in your life.

there once just a dream or a goal that once seemed difficult or impossible would it be the job you have or the relationship you're in and might be taking for granted is it is there anything in your life today that was once like that well then you and I are creators and very often we get overwhelmed by so many things we feel out of control by we start getting to being managers of our life managing our pain managing through the situation you've got it allow yourself to be able to take advantage of uncertainty yes the world is uncertain right now uncertainty has changed changes life.

we both know that we all know that but if you're not gonna become masters we have to we have to work on change changes automatic progress is not if you're not gonna make progress progress comes when you tell yourself the truth and you're able to feel the uncertainty and take action anyway the thing that stops us all is fear it's no surprise if you're a failure for your rejection fear the unknown if you're not looking good and that fear.

we get translating the simple thing of uncertainty great leaders know how to step in the uncertainty and bring the certainty to the situation most people life we really feel like the level of stress in our life comes to how much of life do you feel like you control how much does life control you do you tend to control more of what's going on or events controlling it it's very easy that those events start to take control unless we take control what's between our ears our own mind you see well you and I focus on massively affects how we feel whether we're thriving or surviving if you focus on what you can't control.

if you focus on the past if you focus on what's missing from your life constantly that pattern of focus will make you frustrated overwhelmed depressed focus equals power if you want to thrive you got to focus on what you can control you got to focus on the difference you can make your to focus on what's already in your life that you're grateful for so one thing that leaders do is they focus on the things they want they focus on what they can control they focus on what they have they have a combination of gratitude strength and commitment they really unleash.

the second element they have a vision they have something that they're after something they want to create something they want to contribute something they want to give something you want to make happen and that's when you become a creator again instead of a manager of life and it's easy to lose that sense of vision in your life through disappointments hey we've all had them what makes somebody a leader is they build this certainty and not only with focus now we do they get a vision for what they want but they bring that certainty in their body but we don't realize is that our mind is directly affected by the way we use our body.

if you change the tempo what you move it you change the way you breathe and you change the way you use your voice you literally change your biochemistry it's something that you make as a habit you drill it into yourself if you envision something clearly enough and you bring certainty to it over and over again if you engage your physical body to get yourself moving and you get yourself in a state of certainty and the way you move and the way you breathe you focus on what you're excited about in your life you focus on what you want to create what you want to bring to your children what you want to bring to the world and it it changes your state.

we all know what happens when you're out of state when you're burnt out when you're frustrated when you're overwhelmed you snap at people sometimes feel bad about it you didn't mean to it's just the state you're in so to thrive this year take uncertainty and bring certainty to it to thrive this year get what I call a compelling future pick anything a goal a dream of desire something to excite you so much that you're gonna feel yourself compelled to actually find a way to make it happen you've done it before you've got an abscessed you know you know how you did it but things happen and you've got yourself to where you want to be let's make that happen this year right now regardless if it's later in the year at the beginning you're watching this that your main to thrive not survive nothing changes your life like decision.

I mean real decision now then when you make a decision you cut off from any possibility except the thing you've committed to if you make a real decision every bit of you is committed to something it's amazing how life will move for the force of nature of a human being man or woman that says this is how it will be I don't know how I'm gonna get it done but I know this is what I'm gonna give I know why I'm gonna do it any man hasn't figured out what he's willing to die for isn't fit to live if you can find something you're so excited about if you can find something that you will drive you with that certainty and you add to that decisiveness you can change anything decisiveness is the ability to make a decision even though you're uncertain once again what keeps people make a decision.

if you're a failure if you're gonna lead your own life you got to make decisions make the decision if it's right or wrong you're gonna find out quicker than if you sit around and interesting thing is the more you make decisions the better you get what makes somebody a leader what makes somebody a leader is they're willing to make the decision other people won't make they want to put themself on the line knowing that you're gonna be wrong and some of those decisions but you're gonna find out quicker and you can simply adapt and change.

your approach to still get where you want to go be decisive don't like your body change it don't like your relationship change it start by changing view if you've changed you it's still not right then change it but the way you make any change happen starts with a decision all action all results our mother door fathered if you would by a decision what's one small decision you can make right now that would take in a direction you know you need to go what's a big decision that might be really tough but have you really made it truthfully.

it would take you on a new direction in your life because whatever direction you head into will lead to an ultimate destination or destiny when you know what's right it's time when you're still fearful it's still time you want to change your life decide decide something you're gonna do decide something radical to commit an act that moves you forward instead of thinking work is we all can get caught up you get in your head you're dead the brain is a great thing to strategize with but there's a point what you got to get back in your heart and you got to push yourself on the line and do something so if you're gonna thrive this year bring certainty to your decision making by just putting yourself in that state and trusting trust your Creator not just a manager of life what do you else to do get a vision for what you want what else decide there is no such thing as a decision without action a real decision.

you kind of things off and you make it happen you do something never leave the sight of making a decision but it's something that's important without doing something in that moment that commits you to follow-through take some action in that moment life isn't happening to me life is happening for me even this pain or challenge or this opportunity is something you're gonna find a way to make yourself I need to make a decision and I need to do something right now to move things forward in the direction of what I really want for my life even if I don't know the final destination I need to move in that direction.

I need you take some form of action most people all these visions maybe start to make a little sort of decision they don't make a real decision cuz they don't act on it and if you don't act on it your ideas your dreams will die in your mind they'll die in your lips find the way to thrive on the very things that stop other people the tracks thrive on what produces fear inside you and other people thrive on something that you envision that you have a higher purpose for thrive by being decisive thrive by taking massive action and if the massive action doesn't work what you try doesn't work just simply try something else if that doesn't work try something else that doesn't work try something else until you find what works now you can speed that up by modeling by finding somebody who's already getting the results that you want to get in your life somebody who truly is happy not because everything's going their way because they find a deeper meaning and a richness in everything around themselves whether it be their children.

or nature or even problems because obviously if we have no problems if you're dead inside problems can either destroy you or call you to become more if you look at the biggest challenges in your life if you brought certainty to it if you've got a vision beyond the problem if you made some decision of what you're gonna change even if you know how and if you took immediate action with enough intensity massive action you probably found the cure-all you probably found a way to adapt and get where you want to be that's what thriving is really all about but the ultimate thriving is not just breaking through and making things happen.

the open thriving for this year any year of your life is to remember the secret to living is giving it's too as corny as that sounds it's to connect to something bigger than yourself here's something else it's possible you can live your dream if I could see it I'll believe it no no no if you believe it you can see it you might never fail on the scale I did but some failure in life is inevitable it is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously but you might as well not have lived at all in which case.

you fail by default you've got to be willing to go into action don't wait around for things to be just right don't wait for things to be perfect don't wait for the ideal situation it will never be ideal if they could resist no no it's something what it's not easy. it's possible you can live your dream it's necessary that you have goals that you write them down that you surround yourself with a support team that you are creative it's you that you must take the personal responsibility to make it happen George Bernard Shaw said the people that make it in this world look around for the circumstances.

that they want and if they can't find them they create them it's hard no easy is not an option however ladies and gentlemen what you will discover is that it's worth it it's worth it you must work on yourself continuously never be satisfied with yourself always know that as you invest the effort and time on you that's the greatest ability that human beings now above animals said dog can't be anything but a dog tree can't be anything but a tree human being you've got unlimited potential.

you can put effort on you and by concentrating on you and developing you you can transform your life wherever you are right now but you got to put a new mind in you you got to get out of your mind you got to begin to restructure your thinking every day you've got to begin to recondition your mind see many of us go through life making choices thinking it's our choices and it's not you got to die as you are now you got to be willing to give up who you are now for what you can't.

become certain things will no longer fit into your life and so therefore as you look at yourself you've got to have this vision of yourself beyond your circumstances you'll want to live life with energy and passion you're gonna get some ideas you're gonna feel your adrenaline flowing and you're gonna think about something some idea you had you said I want to go back and I'm gonna look at that again and you'll get all kind of creative ideas so every day you have to sell yourself and get out of your mind those old thoughts that old belief system every day you've got to sell yourself on that it's possible that you have the vision and never give up that you become a creative and relentless and keep on coming back again again and again it's not over until I win no matter how bad it is I'll bet it gets I'm going to make it say that to yourself everyday.