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Jim Rohn
Jim Rohn
Jim Rohn - American entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker

Born: 17 September 1930, Washington, US

Died: : 5 December 2009,Los Angeles

Occupation : Author, motivational speaker

Website : www.jimrohn.com/

Quotes : "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment"

Book : The Seasons of Life, Twelve Pillars, 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness,

Jim ray was born September the 17th 1930 in Yakima Washington and passed away on December the 5th 2009. He was a very successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker at one time being a vice president of a very successful sales company. A true bio however after the company eventually went out of business. He was invited to speak at a meeting at one of his clubs after this meeting. He was invited to speak at many other events and began making a name for himself Rowe was a wise businessman and managed to impart much of this wisdom into others he's definitely earned. the right to be on this list of the best motivational speakers in the world. if you don't design your own life plan chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan and guess what they have planned for you not much. Jim Rohn is the best motivational speaker.

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1 : The Keys To Success
Eric Thomas
Product details Rohn Books Books

Paperback: 136 pages

Publisher : Embassy Books (2011)

Language : English

ISBN-10 : 9380227779

ISBN-13 : 978-9380227771

ASIN : 9380227744

The key to success is an easy to read motivational book that will change your life. Follow the simple key steps of success outlined as one of the world's greatest personal development coaches: 1 Develop your mind. Be aware of the power of 2 words. 3 Learn to face difficult times. 4 Achieve Business Success. 5 how to set goals. 6 The art of selling and persuading. 7 How to Manage Your Time More Effectively. Easy to read and understand. I think even kids can understand the points mentioned in this.
2 : The Five Major Pieces To The Life Puzzle
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Product details Rohn Books Books

Paperback: 108 pages

Publisher : Embassy Books (2011)

Language : English

ISBN-10 : 9789380227740

ISBN-13 : 978-9380227740

ASIN : 9380227744

Jim Rohan focused on the core principles of human behavior that affect personal and professional performance. He was one of the best-known names in the self-help and personal development industry. This book shows you how your life philosophy is to solve the puzzle how you think. how do you feel about. Verb - what do you do. Results - Measure frequently to see if you are making progress. Lifestyle What kind of life can you live for yourself out of the first four pieces. Key Selling Points. A must read for everyone. Very short book and can be read in 2 days esily. Basic fundamentals that we all need to master but we ignore.I purchased this book because of author Jim Rohn. He was a genius and so his advice in this book.

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Jim Rohn: Change the Way You See Your Future
but here's what else I hope you'll find here today and that is inspiration and who knows the mystery of inspiration why some people are inspired and some are not you were inspired to get here some were not who knows the mystery of that I don't know how come you made it the rest of them didn't make it we don't know what that mystery is some people turned it down some people said cost too much some people say it's gonna take too much time some people are too busy right a lot of different excuses why some are inspired to take advantage of something that comes to town others pass it up.

we don't know the mystery to that here's what I call it mysteries of the mind and I just leave it at that some things I don't try to figure out I take the simple approach now right some people do and some people don't I mean that's about as profound as my philosophy is some by in some don't buy some go forward and some don't some change and some don't and if you've been around for a while you can usually work out the numbers right out of ten you know three do seven don't whatever business you're involved in pretty soon you got this ratio going the ones that do the ones that don't you say well why don't the ones that don't how come.

they don't we don't know I just leave it as a mystery I used to try to understand all that I just take the simple approach now the guy says this happens to him he just happens to me this goes wrong for me and all the stuff goes wrong for me how come all that stuff happens to me I say I don't know beats me best I've been able to figure out is those kind of things always happen to people like you and me right that's the best I got I don't know I'm an amateur on this stuff what do I know so just take the simple approach right that's how it is who knows interesting story says the day the Christian Church was started now I'm an amateur on the Bible but best account.

I can remember the day the Christian Church was started a magnificent sermon was preached great presentation and if you're a student of all at all of good communication it was one of the classic presentations of all times the sermon the first day Christian Church was started and it said this sermon this presentation was given to a multitude meaning a lot of people but it was interesting as the account gives us the record it says when the sermon was finished there was a variety of reaction to the same service isn't that fascinating I find it fascinating.

it said some that heard this presentation were perplexed and I read the presentation sounded pretty straightforward to me said why would somebody be perplexed with a good sincere straightforward presentation best answer I've got they are the perplexed I mean you know what other explanation is that it doesn't matter who's preaching it said some that heard this presentation mocked and laughed made fun of the presentation I thought hey this looks pretty sincere to me if you give a sincere honest presentation why would somebody mock and laugh easy explanation they are the mockers and the lappers what else would you expect them to do right I used to try to straighten all that out say well they shouldn't do that I don't do that anymore I've got peace of mind now I'd sleep like a baby not try to straighten all the stuff out.

I used to be so naive I used to say a liar shouldn't lie say how naive can you be of course they're supposed to lie that's why we call them Liars they live I don't straighten this stuff out anymore anyway it said some that heard this magnificent presentation didn't know what was going on and they're usually easy to spot they're usually saying what's going on right I mean they don't know what's going on but interesting right a variety of reaction to the same sincere honest presentation now it also says and wrapping it up some that heard the presentation believed and I think that's who the speaker was looking for the believers interest now it said the number of believers was about three thousand so a pretty good first day three thousand.

I've had some first days but I never had three thousand over caution some people never will have much they're too cautious now you can also be too reckless but you can also be too cautious this is called the timid approach to life and my caution was always the risk the risk used to drive me right up the wall I used to say what if this happened it's called the language of the poor what if this happens and on top of that if this was to happen look at the fix I be and I better not try I could always ace myself out then I'll tell you what changed my whole life when I finally discovered it's all risky the minute you were born it got risky.

if you think trying is risky wait till they hand you the bill for not trying if you think investing is risky wait till you get the tab for not investing see it's all risky getting married is risky having children is risky going into business is risky investing your money is risky it's all risky I'll tell you how risky life is you're not gonna get out alive that's risky the Englishman says well if that's the way it's gonna work out let's give it a go right that's what it's for give it a go somebody says yeah but I'm looking for safety and security fine then huddle in a corner we'll cover you with a sheet bring you three meals a day and we'll protect you feed you look after you care for you we won't let anything happen to you and you'll probably live to be 100 the guy said well yeah I'd live to be 100 but what a way to live right.

what a way to live safe and secure don't ask for security asked for adventure better to live 30 years full of adventure than 100 years safe in the corner and see it's not important how long you live what's important is how you live here's the next attitude disease we're almost through with this motley list in fact we're almost through hang on the next one is pessimism pessimism the deadly disease of always looking on the bad side the problem side the difficult side checking all the reasons why I can't be done the poor pessimist leads an ugly life he doesn't try to figure out what's right he tries to figure out what's wrong he doesn't look for virtue. he looks for faults and when he finds him he's delighted how this is the poor guy looks through the window doesn't see the sunset he sees the specks on the wind and this is the poor guy right who rushes up take such leave of his senses this guy rushes up and he says I've got five good reasons why it won't work he's so dumb he doesn't know all he needs one he's got five - the pessimist the glass is always half-empty - the optimist the glass is half-full why would the same measure affect people two different ways answer it all depends on how you look at it our lives are mostly affected by the way we think things are not the way they are the way we think they are affects us most there's a subject we don't have time to get into tonight called better thinking habits one of the major things shoved taught me when I met him.

he said poor thinking habits keeps most people poor not poor working habits most people work hard but they don't think hard and show taught me that the mind is like a factory on mental factory and whatever you think about all day long pours ingredients into this mental Factory and that's what builds the economic social financial fabric of your life he quoted me a Bible phrase that says as you think so you become how awesome when he talked about poor thinking habits he had me I used to start the day reading the morning newspaper I mean you can believe that or not I'd get a cup of coffee and read the paper I'd load up on wars and riots and murders and stabbings and killings and bank robberies and muggings and car wrecks and tragedies.

I'd even read the back pages I seem to like that stuff for some weird reason I've laid upon all that and then I start the day you can imagine the kind of days I used to have you walk around on your financial knees they call you economic Pewee the guy says I want to be a great leader wonderful the first thing we do is following to his house when we get there we walk in and check his library number one somebody says well why check his library the reason is because what a man reads pours massive ingredients into his mental factory and the fabric of his life is built from those ingredients you would not believe what some people have got in their house to read you would not believe one of the best rest of words.

I know for a lot of it is trash can you imagine dumping a bale of trash into this mental factory every day and coming out with a rich dynamic positive life it can't be done you might as well try making a cake with cement the kids back in Danbury Connecticut high school they're asking me questions one day I'm talking to the kids kids got good questions these days one of them said to me mr. Owen how do you build the good life I said it's simple it's not easy but it's simple here's how you build anything select the right ingredients keep out the wrong ingredients and it starts with thought everything starts with thought so you must be wise and careful what you think about because that starts everything you gotta be wise and careful.

I asked the kids what would happen if somebody dropped sugar in my coffee they said will you'd be okay I said what if somebody dropped strychnine in my coffee they said well you'd be dead I said correct lesson 1 life is both sugar and strychnine you gotta be careful I said what if my worst enemy drops in the sugar they said will you be okay I said what if my best friend even my accident drops in the strychnine they said well you'd be dead I said correct lesson two watch your car you got to be careful see it doesn't matter who hands you the bad stuff it doesn't matter who you get the bad stuff it'll still do its damage on your bank account wherever you get it mr. shelf gave me one of the greatest phrases when I first met him when he said gym every day stand guard at the door of your mind how important stand guard at the door of your mind and you decide what goes into your mental factory don't let anybody just dump anything.

they want to in your mental factory because you've got to live with the results okay here's the last disease and we're through with this list in fact we're almost through hang on the last subject is very brief the last disease but this one is deadly engage in this one indulge in it even slightly and you might as well forget the future because it's gonna forget you complaining crying crying griping a Bible word called murmuring see that will ace your future spend five minutes complaining and you have wasted five and you may have begun what's known as economic cancer of the bone surely they will soon haul you off into a financial desert and there let you choke on the dust of your own regret I hope I said that well so you won't forget it's a deadly disease if you don't think it's bad ask the children of Israel of Old Testament fame typical of us all their story just happened to get in the book story says children of Israel were slaves God performed a series of dazzling miracles and got him out and now they're heading for the Promised Land remember the story heading for the Promised Land tragedy of the story they never got their reason from day one they started to complain.

they griped about the water they griped about the weather they whined and cried and griped about the food they griped about the leadership they've whined and cried because it was too far too cold too hot too difficult too miserable I mean they widened wined and cried for years finally God said I've had it trip canceled or something like that the story says they died in the desert never got to the pro masti which i think means two things indulging this long enough you get your future cancers and I guess it also means even God Himself can only take so much [Music] okay just be on the lookout of the things that can destroy all the good you start the war is on and this evening tomorrow mentally personally socially economically you got to make sure you're winning the war and this is part of it