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Eric Thomas - American Motivational Speaker

Born: 3 September 1970, Chicago, US

Spouse : Dede Moseley

Residence : Michigan, United States

Education : Michigan State University (

Children : Jalin Thomas

Book : The Secret to Success, Greatness Is Upon You, Average Skill Phenomenal Will

Eric Thomas born and raised in Detroit was homeless at the age of 16 years old, but Eric decided that he wanted to make a better life for himself to become someone with a life. he could be proud of he did just that and you can now check out powerful advice from Eric Thomas on YouTube, including his thank God. it's Monday series he also managed to get the education, he missed out on whilst. he was homeless and pushed himself further to achieve all the qualifications. he dreamed of being able to achieve, Eric Thomas has become one of the best motivational speakers in the world. his YouTube videos are legendary and his best-selling books have taken in millions of dollars in revenue. his speeches are so popular that you'll find he's featured in roughly 90% of the motivational videos that others create and upload to YouTube using compilations of clips. speeches and music when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you'll be successful you. Eric Thomas is the best motivational speaker.

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1 : The Secret to Success By Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas
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Keynote speaker, teacher, writer, activist and minister, Eric Thomas is moving towards national fame by delivering a high-energy message that tells youth through first-hand experience how to live to their full potential and greatness and Breaking the cycle of crime, despair, and despair that many faces daily. Known for his engagingly personal approach, his messages are both dynamic and persuasive. When coupled with his own cycle-breaking experiences his blunt essays on reality and remarkable ability to reach the most of the mind, helping thousands of youth perform nationwide, spiritually and personally Is found. Eric has electrified audiences from Fortune 500 companies to urban educators, collegiate athletic programs and inner-city youth development agencies with messages of his own life struggles and theories, insights and strategies. He was used to overcoming them, Eric is no stranger to the communities that haunt our communities since he was born in Chicago, IL and stood on the streets of Detroit, MI. His childhood and adolescence were difficult, and his life struggles and personal identity issues intensified because, like so many, he did not establish a relationship with his biological father until his early thirties.

This book was amazing and inspirational in every aspect. I learned many key facts about staying motivated in difficult situations. We all must learn to push through and pursue our endeavors with passion and relentless faith, that we can accomplish the impossible. Dr. Eric Thomas is one of the key motivators in my pursuit of success in my entrepreneurial goals. I have lived a life versed with a barrage of diverse issues and complications in my personal life and in my professional acquisitions. I literally read this book in 5 days' time and I work roughly 8-12 hours per day. I am so thankful and honored to write this review. Please take the time to read this book if you are in need of inspiration in your life.

This is an excellent book! To read a book from someone who was formally homeless, eating out of trash cans, blaming others for his circumstances, then, ultimately to come to himself and realize that he was eating with the swine, to realize that he didn't have to give in to his circumstances, but he saw and created a new future for him and his family!...he also created jobs for others while building a multi-million dollar company! Whew! Eric always says to "Be phenomenal, or be forgotten"! Well, I can't say enough about Mr. Eric Thomas! so, since I haven't is safe to say that he is phenomenal! If he can do it, then so can we all! I highly recommend this book! I listen to ET The Hiphop Preacher most days! He inspires me to challenge myself and make my dream a reality! Kudos to ET! .
2 : Greatness Is Upon You: Laying the Foundation
Eric Thomas
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Greatness Is Upon You: Laying the Foundation is the first part of Eric Thomas' sophomore release, Greatness Is Upon You in eBook form. So much knowledge in one small book. The messages that ET gives us are very powerful and have help me get to the next level in my life. I will definitely be purchasing part 2 without a doubt. Purchase the series now if you are serious about growing in all aspects of your life!
In times where everybody goes to google for their information, it was nice to read a book with a lot of meat in it. It really helped me understand about the choices I made in the past. I really enjoyed Eric being honest about his life in this book. I will start to apply the things I have learned from this book.

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WHEN LIFE GETS HARDER (Eric Thomas Motivation)
Mayweather never left his father even though he that he wanted to leave even though he couldn't stand his father and began to be in need anytime you leave and leave God at some point in your life you're gonna be a need might take a year might take two years it may take five but at some point when you leave god you're gonna be a neat again why cuz you left.

the source so do me a favor some of y'all in this room you left daddy you need to come back home unless you told me the reason why I'm telling you to come home is because you left daddy and you ain't no better off when you that you'd left ain't nothing happen in your life that's going that should keep you from coming back to the home other than somebody being real with you and telling you to get your butt back home so there's a group that you weren't Church you work and you left God to cause you wasn't feeling.

it you weren't filling the trailer you weren't feeling a trainer you weren't feeling of the regimen he put you through you weren't fulfilling the process you weren't feeling how he did it but let's be real how he did it works the stuff I hear at three o'clock and where daddy tells me to do sometimes it doesn't make sense but it does not have to make sense he's out for an Omega you don't always have to agree with your parents or God. but God knows best and your mama who wound you came out no more than suddenly thirteen year all you listening to you a fool to go to work in ten minutes and not spend an hour two hours of God you a fool of you instead connect deep in the flesh in the Cardinal you ain't always got to like what your mama saying your dad and say but trust me don't nobody love you and care for you like they do and don't nobody love you like oz. the source is not your job the source is not your man the source is not your degree the source that's why I don't really do that dr. Thomas stuff I ain't trying to not be you know I ain't trying to feed I'm like I just want to be careful cuz I'm your doctor I'm like I'm mad if that's what God told you to say I'm just not trying to take God's credit like a god been blessing you all this time and I some people say doctor like he made it oh I made it before I made it when God said I made it I've made it alone I've made it with the GED.

I had made it I've made it when I was homeless I made it why cuz God said you are a son you my child you ain't gonna do nothing else you ain't gonna get a degree you ain't got to do nothing you tell you my sir cuz you my son and I'm just gonna bless you because the rain falls on the just as well the injure you ain't got a dude none for me to love you you ain't gotta do nothing for me to hook you up you my daughter you enough. you are now that's why you dancing for me because you don't know you enough without a man you enough if you never get married you enough if you never pass that law degree you enough if you never become a doctor you enough if you never get married you enough if you never have a child you are enough like you are and that's why God created you you are enough and God's sake come on home so I can take care of you you got these no-good Negroes take out let me take care you weren't by some job.

they killing you and you go into that job like you were slaying God say let me take care of you I gave you a gift your gift will make room for you how can you a gift you ain't gotta run up behind them if people laugh when you tell them your dreams if you've ever been solo you felt like you wanted to scream if you've ever been doubting your quest to achieve if the non-believers voices were so loud you almost started to believe that they were right ha this is the moment that I remind you that they are never right.

because you were born to be a beacon of light you were born to overcome any fear or any fright you were born to have next-level vision and not just sight you were born with the heart will and passion to never give up and fight and fight and fight if they say there's no way make it never ask for permission to be great you take it greatness is yours the claim you just got to stake it when they try to lock you up with a mental chain you break it.

it's time to go harder after your dreams harder after your goals harder after you those benchmarks whatever you're trying to do whatever you're trying to reach whatever you're trying to overcome you need to find out who's in the boat with you those friends those family members and those loved ones because they may be in the boat with you but you need to make sure they are paddling the same way a lot of individuals call someone a friend but a friend does it paddle the wrong way.

if you are in the boat with someone paddling the other way then your going then you two are just going in a circle you're not getting it never settle for mediocre or average think big outside the box shoot for Mecca even better yet go Atlantic will they think you're about to throw in the towel use it to wipe the sweat off your face look them dead in the eye and smile because they underestimated your heart and they didn't think you had the resiliency to go that extra mile but you do if you fall down 2051 times you get back up 2052.

because you're rare like that rose they grow in concrete when they say you can't do it prove I'm wrong and do it anyway believe in something believing you and never forget you were born to be spectacular it's in your DNA you got this there is no progress there's no effort in reaching or achieving a goal we all have dreams that we want to achieve but we need those people in our life who are stretching us who are pushing us who are expecting greatness out of us I've never seen a sleeping wolf achieve anything if you're not going after your dreams.

if you're not going after your goals if you're not taking a step forward and this year put action into the things you say put actions into the things you want to show me how great you will be show me how much hard work you'll put in show me push yourself like you've never pushed yourself before no one is going to pat you on the back when you fall you have to get up yourself and push some more they're kids depending on you here's the family depending on you there's your team depending on you each and every moment that you breathe is another opportunity for you to be great your window of opportunity is closing you've been through too much they've told you no now it's time to get a yes yes to go after your dreams yes to be able to do whatever you want to do you deserve options you deserve the best you deserve to be called great you deserve to overcome this you/ .