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Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy - American-Canadian public & Motivational Speaker

Born: 5 January 1944, Charlottetown, Canada

Education : University of Alberta

Spouse : Barbara Tracy (m. 1979)

Movies : All Is Not Lost, Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

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Book : The Psychology of Selling, No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline.

Brian Tracy was born on January the 5th 1944 in Vancouver Canada. and he the CEO of Brian Tracy International a company, that specifically sets out to help individuals and organizations develop train and grow brian's. ultimate goal is to help other people achieve their goals more efficiently and be able to achieve their full potential, that definitely sets the foundation for being one of the best motivational speakers in the world. his lifetime achievements are phenomenal consulting huge numbers of businesses hosting huge numbers of seminars and conducting years and years of research in business economics psychology and Safiye. there's no more to say other than the title given on his website professional speaker best-selling author entrepreneur and success expert check out some of the best Bri and Tracy quotes no one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch to be successful. we absolutely positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals. Brian Tracy is the best motivational speaker.

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1 : No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline
No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy
Product details Brian Tracy Books

Paperback: 304 pages

Publisher : Perseus Books Group; Reprint edition (22 March 2011)

Language : English

ISBN-10 : 1593156324

ISBN-13 : 978-1593156329

Average Customer Review : 4.5 star

The author has explained the power of self-discipline in various acts of our life. We may have the motivation to do certain things. That's not enough. But with self-discipline, we can sustain that motivation and achieve what we aspire for.
Don't just read the book. Work out the exercises which are given at the end of each chapter. This will ensure success, I was really shocked how this one simple thing called self-discipline is important in life. This is what really differentiates successful from unsuccessful people. A must book and very simple to read. If you believe success can be achieved through shortcuts, then the book No Excuses: The Power Of Self Discipline is just for you. The path to success is usually long and difficult, yet humans resort to shortcuts either because they are lazy, or in need of immediate gratification. If you agree with this, then this book has a special formula to help you achieve success.
2 : Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income
Brian Tracy
Product details Brian Tracy Books

Paperback: 272 pages

Publisher : Entreprenuer Press (INGRAM); Second edition (7 June 2019)

Language : English

ISBN-10 : 1599186527

ISBN-13 : 978-1599186528

Average Customer Review : 4 star

A must-read Book. Had covered almost all important topic like Business, Service, Spirituality, Family/relationship. Having many valuable advice. Brian Tracy is an institution by himself. His three books 'eat that frog', 'kiss that frog' and 'million dollars habit' are all superb. I am suggesting how to go through this particular book - million dollars habit.. 95 percent of what people think, feel and do, is determined by habits. Habits are ingrained but not unchangeable―new, positive habits can be learned to replace worn-out, ineffective practices with optimal behavior that can cause dramatic, immediate benefits to the bottom line. In million dollar habits, Tracy teaches readers how to develop the habits of successful men and women so they too can think more effectively, make better decisions and ultimately double or triple their income.

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4 Ways a Smile Can Affect Your Self-Esteem | Brian Tracy
Hello, I'm Brian Tracy and today I want to talk to you about how a smile can affect your self-esteem an important way of satisfying a deep subconscious need for self-esteem and personal value is acceptance people have deep subconscious needs and the deepest need of all the core emotional need of the human being is for self-esteem and self-value it's to maintain healthy relationships of mutual respect.

the deepest need is to feel important an important way of satisfying a deep subconscious need for self-esteem and personal value is acceptance first establish healthy relationships and boost your self-esteem and the self-esteem of others sociologists say that lack of acceptance or rejection from individuals or groups is the main cause for many problems with disaffected groups in our society much of the antisocial behaviors of these groups is aimed at somehow gaining the acceptance of people.

who they feel do not accept them currently and to gain or create healthy relationships in healthy relationships this is what everyone is seeking everyone wants to be liked and accepted just the way they are if all you did was to continue to express unconditional acceptance to each person you meet both at home and at your workplace you would soon be one of the most popular people in your world and how do you express unconditional acceptance simple it's to just wear a smile smiling at an audience during speeches or presentations is also a useful speaking tip.

I give to all my students this next tip is just as important as setting SMART goals to maintain progress toward creating a happy life did you know that it takes 12 muscles to smile and 113 muscles to frown when you smile at another person a warm genuine smile you tell that other person that he or she is attractive Pleasant likable safe and secure in your estimation and in your presence a single smile is so powerful that it can often transform a person with low self-esteem jolting them from negativity to a person with a positive attitude smiles are so powerful that many long-term marriages and healthy relationships have begun with a single smile shared across a room.

You've heard people say that when our eyes met we both knew that we were meant for each other each morning when you come to work do the rounds go to each person on your team and smile at them ask them how they are take a few moments to listen patiently and smile while they tell you what they are doing and how they are feeling as you go from person to person like a Lamplighter going from lamp to lamp they will light up and smile themselves feeling happy about being at work when you go around and smile at people.

it's very much like stepping on the accelerator of their potential and igniting positive thinking and a positive attitude wherever you go they start to perform at a higher level because their self-esteem has risen they feel good about themselves in their work next there's a big payoff for smiling at people when you smile at another person the physical action releases endorphins in your brain endorphins are called nature's happy drug they make you feel happy and raise your self-esteem.

when you smile you feel and act in a more personable way to everyone around you and you exceed a feeling of positive attitude the most popular and influential people in most situations are people who genuinely smile at others when they meet them and greet them smiling is one of the techniques used to promote cooperation in the work and the ability to encourage cooperation amongst teammates is an important leadership quality of business leaders in the 21st century every time you smile you not only make other people feel good about themselves but you raise your own self-esteem to increase your own level of positive attitude and you feel better.

About yourself as well you will then start to build healthy relationships all around you all it takes is the deliberate decision by you to smile at the people around you and to express to them that you're genuinely happy to see them the opposite of smiling is being negative or passive it is walking around the office for the glumly or negative look on your face since so many people take everything personally.

if you are negative for any reason each of your staff members will wonder if it is something that they have done personally that has made you unhappy they become preoccupied with your mood they slow down on their work and their creativity comes to a halt if you're negative for any period of time they start to talk about it worry about their jobs finally maintain a positive attitude from this day forward decide that you are going to smile at each person in your department each morning when you go in walk around and greet them and ask them how they're doing treat them as if they were working for free and they're coming to work was purely voluntary because you treat them well treat them as if you owe.

the money and you are behind on the payments treat them as if their work were essential to your success in doing your work which it is now I'd love to hear from you so my question today is how can you build healthy relationships for the positive attitude leave a comment below and I'll be sure to follow up with you thanks for watching and remember if you want to change your future take action and take action now if you enjoyed this article and feel it was valuable in teaching you about self-esteem.