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Arnold Schwarzengger
Arnold Schwarzengger
Arnold Schwarzengger - Motivational Speaker

Born: 30 July 1947, Thal, Austria

Spouse : Maria Shriver

Occupation : Body Builder, motivational speaker

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Children : Katherine Schwarzenegger,Joseph Baena

Arnold Schwarzengger was born on July the 30th 1947 in Austria we all know him as the world-famous professional bodybuilding champion and there's a very inspirational story behind Aras bodybuilding success Schwartz EJ served in the Austrian army at the age of 18 years old for one year which at the time was compulsory for all eighteen year old males during this time he would still manage to fit in his workouts between all the training and drills whilst most people were resting he snuck out of camp to compete in the junior mr. Europe contest which he ended up winning Arnold's disciplined towards his training was incredible and the fact that he was willing to disobey the rules of the army and sneak out of camp to compete in the contest just goes to show how badly he wanted it nowadays he's an inspiration to many bodybuilders and a great source of motivation for anyone wanting to be successful for me life is continuously being hungry the meaning of life is not simply to exist to survive but to move ahead to go up to it. Tony Robbins is the best motivational speaker.

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1 : The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding,
Arnold Schwarzengger
Product details Arnold Schwarzengger Books

Paperback: 800 pages

Publisher : Simon & Schuster; Revised, Updated edition

Language : English

ISBN-10 : 3200328452

ISBN-13 : 978-0684857213

ASIN : 0684857219

These are one of the best books that I have ever purchased in Life, Everything is in such great detail. It makes your workout perfect & how to execute it in a proper manner. If you have this book then you don't need any trainers.The books also have pictures on how to do the Workout & how do muscles work. The book contains images of all the professional Bodybuilders. A great book composed by God of BODYBUILDING legend ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Buy these books if you love Natural OLD SCHOOL BODYBUILDING & being serious about Bodybuilding. A book written specifically for those who like to work with weight or who only like to stay fit and healthy, Enc The New Encyclopaedia of Modern Body Building 'being the holy grave of bodybuilding' Has earned its reputation.

The book is a comprehensive study of the entire world of bodybuilding, starting with a knowledge about the latest advances in bodybuilding competitions and weight training and incorporating various methods of sports psychology, essential nutrition and diet and training in various ways. is. Prevention techniques and treatments for injuries that may occur. The more fascinating thing about this book is that all these sections are properly depicted with detailed photographs of some new stars of bodybuilding.
2 : Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzengger
Arnold Schwarzengger
Product details Arnold Schwarzengger Books

Paperback: 650 pages

Publisher : Simon & Schuster; UK ed. edition

Language : English

ISBN-10 : 9781849839730

ISBN-13 : 978-1849839730

ASIN : 1849839735

The most inspiring book ever. Its like arnie has written down a guide for success,. This book is filled with positivity and never say die attitude that makes Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you feel that you are special, made for some great cause, born to be great, buy this book and let Arnold guide you to success.Inspiring and true story of the Governator, one of the most profound and influential person of our times. Must read, great quality and amazing delivery experience.Total Recall is the incredible true story of Arnold Schwarzenegger's life. Born in 1947 in the small town of Thal, Austria, he moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21. Within ten years, he was a millionaire businessman. Twenty years later, he was the world's biggest film star. In 2003, he was Governor of California and was a household name worldwide.

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The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding
work your ass off there is no magic pill it drives me crazy to go to the gym he reads one hour a day I went and worked out five hours a day and I was working on construction we have 24 hours a day organize your day work hard I'm here to talk about success I went to college I went and worked out five hours a day and I was working on construction because in those days in bodybuilding there was no money we didn't I didn't have the money for food supplements or anything so I had to go to work she worked in construction I went to college I worked out in the gym and at night from 8 o'clock at night to 12 midnight.

I went to acting class four times a week say I did all that there was not one single minute that I wasted and this is why I'm standing here today with the age of 20 I went to London and I won the Miss Universe contest as the youngest Mr. Universe ever and it was because I had a goal receive if you don't have a vision of where you go and if you don't have a goal where you go you drift around and you never end up anywhere 74% hate their job in America the majority of people don't like what they're doing because they are really not doing it because they didn't have a gourd and then followed this core they're just aimlessly drifting around and then over said if there's a job opening so they get their job because you have the world but then when you grow . it's a chore it's work it's not fun so if you think about only a quarter of the people really enjoy what they're doing in life so people always ask me when they saw me in the gym in the pumping iron days they say why is it that you're working out so hard five hours a day six hours a day and you have always a smile on your face the others are working out just as hard as you do and it looks our in the face why is that and they told people all the time is it because to me I am shooting football in front of Mr. MR. Universe title so every rep that I do gets me closer to accomplishing the goal to make this for this vision turned into reality every single cent that I do every repetition every way to the left will get my step closer to turn this goal in the reality so I couldn't wait to do another 500-pound squat I couldn't wait to do another 500-pound benchpress.

I couldn't wait into another 2,000 reps of sit-ups I couldn't wait for the next exercise so let me tell you something visualizing your core and going after it makes it fun you got to have a purpose no matter what you do in life you got to have the purpose Mohammed Ali worked his butt off and I saw it firsthand now remember that there was a sports rider that was there in the gym and he was working out he was doing situps and asked him how many sit-ups do you do and he said I don't start counting until it hurts now think about it he doesn't start counting his situps and the lady feels pain that's when he says counting that is working hard and so you can't get around the hardware doesn't matter who it works your ass off there is no magic bill there is no magic out there.

you cannot get around you have to work and work and work you have this make sure of that in order stuff so it's work and it drives me crazy when people say that I don't have enough time to go to the gym for 45 minutes a day and work out order there's something for 45 minutes to an hour a day to improve if it is physically improve or if it is mentally to improve imagine you read one hour a day about history how much you will learn after 365 hours in one year think about if you study about the history of musicians of composers how much you would know imagine if you would work on the business and some business that you want to develop every day for an hour imagine how further along you will go and get so it drives me nuts because we have where people say they don't have the time we have 24 hours a day we sleep six hours a day so that gives you still 18 hours there's someone shaking the head out here in front to say probably I don't sleep 6 hours I sleep eight hours right or just sleep faster so we have 18 hours a day the average person works around 8 to 10 hours so let's assume.

it's 10 hours so we have 8 hours left then you travel around an hour a day maybe two hours a day so now you have still six hours left so what are you doing this six hours I'll give you the six hours let me eat a little bit maybe she moves a little bit talk a little bit the people and all that stuff but you can see how much time to is available if you organize your day so you got the work hard I hate Plan B and I tell you why because we have so many doubters as I've said earlier they hit the no sales we have so many of those people did say no and you can't do it that's impossible that is okay because we just turn off as I said earlier and bees listen and be hear that no being a yes you can't do it you can do it and all that so that that is possible to do that amongst all the negative people around you but when you start doubting yourself that's very dangerous because now what you're basically saying is is that if my plan doesn't work.

I have a fallback plan I have a plan B and that means that you start thinking about Plan B and every thought that you put into Plan B you're taking away now that thought and that energy from paying a and it's very important to understand that we function better if there is no safety net because Plan B becomes a safety net it says that if I fail then a fall and I get picked up and I have something else there that means they will protect me and that's not good because people perform better when there are no safety net people perform better in sports and everything else if you don't have a plan B I'm telling you I've never ever had a plan B I said made a full commitment that I'm gonna go be a bodybuilding champion.

I made a full commitment that I'm gonna be in America I made a full commitment that I'm gonna get in the show business and I'm going to be a leading man no matter what it takes I will do the work I would do the work over and over and over and Dilla get it the same as in politics and everything like that so to me it is very dangerous they have a plan B because you're cutting yourself off from the chance of really succeeding and the reason one of the main reasons why people want to have a plan B is because they are worried about failing what is if I fail then I don't have anything else well let me tell you something don't be afraid of failing because there's nothing wrong with failing you have to fail in order to climb that ladder there's no one that doesn't fail Michael Jordan said in one of his interviews when they send.

you an unbelievably the greatest basketball player of all times I mean tell me about that missus well you just mentioned the successes but it says for me to become the greatest basketball player I missed nine thousand shots when I was playing basketball the NBA games so during this games that he was so successful he missed nine thousand shots does it make him a failure no he is one of the greatest basketball players are four times but he failed 9,000 times to get it we all fail it's okay what is now the case that when you fail you stay down whoever stays down is a loser and winners who fail and get up fail and get up fail and get up you always get up that is a winner.

I failed in bodybuilding FFS I lost bodybuilding competitions I lost powerlifting competitions and lost weightlifting competitions I had movies that went in the toilet that was terrible he got the worst reviews and in politics, I remember I had many of the initiatives and the ballot and we lost my approval rating in California went down to 28% and then it went back up again and they won again the governorship hey we all lose if you all have lost as this is okay and this is why I say don't be worried about losing because when you're afraid of losing then you get frozen you get stiff you're not relaxed you got to be in order to perform well in anything if it's in boxing or if it is on your job or with your thinking is only happening when you relax so relax it's okay to fail let's just go all out and give it everything that you got that's what it is all about so don't be afraid to fail you.